Why Green?

  • Because it’s in line with Southern's Mission Statement
  • " produce quality bakery products cost effectively in an environment that is safe, clean and friendly for our employees and community. The integrity of our company is based on the principles of quality products, satisfied customers and consumers, conscientious employees and our commitment to innovative growth and development."

Environmental Policy

Policy Definition: All company employees must be committed to protect, preserve, and enhance the quality of the work environment while conducting their primary activities. The company environment includes the soil, water, air, and natural habitat within and around all facilities and boundaries. The Southern Bakeries Environmental Management Program in turn, is built around three focus areas: prevention, compliance, and conservation.

Southern Bakeries will conduct business in an environmentally responsible manner; optimize the use of resources through the use of efficient technologies and procedures; prevent adverse impacts; and comply with applicable requirements. Southern Bakeries will actively support efforts to implement environmental policies, programs, initiatives, and activities. The company will integrate environmental stewardship and accountability in the performance of its operations and activities to promote continuous improvement of environmental performance.

Southern Bakeries' objectives are to prevent adverse environmental effects and to realize the benefits of superior environmental performance. To attain these objectives, the company will use risk management, pollution prevention, and sustainable practices to improve environmental performance and reduce operating costs.