Research & Development

Southern Bakeries has an experienced team of technical professionals that includes product development specialists and quality sytem and control experts. Our technical experts work directly with key customers to create and test new products and formulations, and assure superior quality systems.

The R&D departments at each of our facilities are well equipped to evaluate a wide variety of products, processes, ingredient types and characteristics on multiple flavors and products.  This forms our production strengths. We can create custom proprietary products or expand on our customer's ideas.

We understand both the art and the science of baking. With many years of experience, our R&D experts have successfully developed innovative new products for many of the largest food companies in America. We also utilize an array of scientific tools to ensure incoming ingredient quality, superior formulation performance, and reliable mix consistency and consistent production for our customers.

Our Quality Control team rigorously monitors production and tests raw ingredients as well as finished products to ensure quality product performance. We conduct regular self-audits and annual, voluntary SQF inspections as an ongoing part of our Q.C. program.